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"There I was, looking at my life thinking I’d just lost over $320k of my own personal savings and 2 years of my life for nothing. F-U-C-K!"
...BUT it’s what happened next that changed my life forever...
My name is Ben Salkeld and I help entrepreneurial men scale from 6-figures to 7-figures and beyond, by removing the blocks within themselves, instead of focusing on shiny objects like marketing, sales, team-building or social media.

Coaching men through my unique proven and tested system (7-FIGURE FOUNDER), I enable men to make MORE MONEY and create MORE MEANING while WORKING LESS hours.

Unlike other coaches, if you want to create a million dollar business, we're not going to focus on your sales funnel, social media strategy, or your team, and I'm sure as hell am not going to tell you to work harder.

Because 99% of the time, that's not the issue.

Instead I focus on YOU, the founder, because like you, time and energy is extremely limited and we have a lot to do.

I'm husband to a gorgeous wife who I adore, and 2 life changing and wonderful kids who keep me young and I love business - BUT - there's no way I'm sacrificing my precious family time to make more money, because, life's too short.

And that's why I've made it my mission to figure out how to scale to 7-figures and beyond without working harder and that's exactly what I'm going to share with you.

But my life wasn’t always money, meaning and freedom, in fact back in 2010 life was very different.

My business at the time was making over 6 figures, but it had hit a ceiling fast and I couldn’t seem to break through it. A frustration that had me working more and more hours, while becoming the stereotypical hot-tempered father and the disconnected husband in the process.

At the brink of breakdown I sold the business and began an intense journey into the world of Peak Performance, Mindset, Time Management, Business Operations and the things we often ignore as FOUNDERS.
Spending over $320,000 and half a decade of my life travelling the world to see the worlds best businessmen, immerse myself in week long courses, invest in mentors, programs and everything in between, I was on a mission to crack the code on what it takes to build a 7-Figure business without losing your family and sanity in the process.
- Immersed myself in week long systems intensive working 1-on-1 with the worlds most productive businessmen to understand what it is that enables them to build multiple million dollar companies without working more hours...

- Broke an arrow using my throat with Michael Bernoff in Arizona to show my commitment...

- Went head to head with Australia's leading Commando's for 24hours of no food and no sleep to see where my breaking point was...

And that was just a taste!

But, like I mentioned above, there was a point during this process I thought “I’d just lost over $320,000 of my own personal savings and close to 5 years of my life for what?”
That was until I started to take massive action. When I stopped and took everything I’d learnt, hit the whiteboard for close to a month, figuring out what’s essential and what’s not and created a unique system known as the 7-FIGURE FOUNDER BLUEPRINT. A system that I am now using to build a million dollar coaching

Since inception it has been tested and proven on 83 male entrepreneurs and businessmen who have had the desire to increase their profits without having to work more hours in the business.

And this is where I separate myself from the rest of the market. 

You see, most so called coaches have no real understanding about life as a high performance entrepreneur - how to build a wildly profitable business, ignite an intimate marriage and raise happy beautiful children all at the same time. They have no proven & predictable system to help men double their profits without working more hours...backed by proof. 

Well, I have both!

So, if you’re looking for a proven path to smash through your current wealth ceiling and hitting that million dollar mark with your business, without sacrificing your marriage, health or family life, then my friend get in touch.

I’d be honoured to find out if I can help you get what it is you’re looking for.

Ben Salkeld
Founder | 7 Figure Founder Blueprint
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